TSU International’s Intelligence Solutions (OIS) offers a vital portfolio of supplementary offerings that give our clients an inherent competitive advantage in the diverse and complex operating environments of Africa. Doing business in this often hostile territory requires specialised insight into business partners and the litany of reputational and political risks that can prevent optimum efficiencies.

Intelligence Driven Solutions

We give our clients the edge with products and services that combine raw facts and in-country acumen with research and analysis informed by experienced intelligence perspectives that yield actionable and tangible information that promotes best practice decisions and sustainable success.
Besides a broad range of products that give clients a deeply nuanced and evolved perspective on wherever they are in Africa, we offer a range of products engineered to meet specific business needs with some broad categories that help you decide what kind of information you need.


Due Diligence

We use detailed public records interrogation and in-country source enquiries on entities to support a thorough and analytical investigative process that seeks to identify potential operational hotspots and help our clients predict and manage their own challenges before they manifest.

 Operational and Environment Research and Analysis

By drawing on our extensive African network, we monitor focal areas on our clients’ radars and alert them to peripheral flashpoints that could prove disruptive.

 Intelligence Driven Support

Optimising in-country expertise and own networks we not only help our clients access markets safely and securely but we make sure they stay safe and help them meet and exceed their success exceptions. All these can be supported by partnered relationships that support client needs via updates, early warning, long-range scenario planning, feet-on-the-ground facilitation and close consultation as needed. Collectively it is an intelligence driven operational insurance package of the first degree.

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