Kidnapping, Hostage Survival and Extortion Consulting Services

We offer a comprehensive consulting and training service on kidnapping, hostage survival and extortion, depending on the client's needs.

Operational Assistance

We focus on policies, training, equipment and operational support, addressing this threat to companies, individuals  and society in general.

All consultants have between 9 and 22 years active operational hostage  (including kidnapping and extortion) and suicide negotiation experience, as well as managing various local and international incidents, with a 99% success rate in managing suicide-related incidents and 100% success rate in all hostage incidents.

Kidnapping and Extortion Policy

Our kidnapping and extortion consultants will ensure that our valued clients receive professional and practical support when compiling a policy designed for the relevant business environment.



Our experienced and professional kidnapping and extortion consultants will compile a training programme in accordance with our valued clients’ needs, focusing on current threats and operational requirements such as hijacking prevention and hostage survival.

Operational Support

Our carefully selected team of experts in this field ensure that when you are faced with a crisis (kidnapping -, abduction -, extortion - and ransom incidents) you will receive the best advice and support and, depending on your need, operational deployment attending to the incident and the formulation of a suitable strategy.

Kidnapping and Extortion Equipment

The TSU International Kidnapping and Extortion Division is a leader in the field of Kidnapping and Extortion equipment development. Priding ourselves as leaders in this field, we can offer a distinct and unequalled service to our valued clients.

Executive Support

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