Journey Management Centre

Our JMC provides real time monitoring of our clients complete with provision of an audit trail for our clients via TSU Protect App. Communication between our clients, partners, Journey management centre, security drivers and  close protection officers are of utmost importance, not only in case of emergency but at all times, to ensure good service delivery, quick and effective response in case of an emergency. Security officers also report regularly via mobile systems, radio communication and e-mail to control room to ensure constant communication between all the different units. The Journey Management centre is responsible for dispatching Tactical and or Medical teams to alerts from alarms and panics. Advanced vehicle tracking ensures monitoring of all vehicles traveling from hotels, airports, to meetings, e.g. Again, a full audit trail is provided.

TSU management has many years of experience in security co-ordination and with a strong network and relations throughout Africa, members know how to respond to a phone call or assist in case of an emergency. Our capabilities includes contingency planning, intelligence gathering, evacuation and or medical assistance.

 Agents professionaly trained

All service providers are carefully screened, selected and trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, and are in constant contact with our 24-hour journey management centre for security alerts and deployment of additional support.  TSU is already a very well-established brand to many people in the corporate and mining industry throughout Africa.

TSU is a professional firm that, amongst other aspects, handles protection of dignitaries and high profile personalities.  We employ highly trained specialists and will be providing “on the ground” personnel to protect your assets and people.

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