Security Guard Training

The Security Guard Training course is aimed at companies in the armed response sector of the security industry.  More and more people rely on the security company to secure and protect their lives and property. To survive in the highly competitive security industry you need to have something that will distinguish your company from the rest. Well trained security guards are an investment in your company’s growth.

Security and Armed Response Training

The detail of your operation needs to be clarified and then a security guard training course will be tailor-made for your specific needs. Security training offered includes:

  • General security practices for skills programs 1 to 3 (equivalent to E to C grading)
  • Security First Line Supervisor (previous grading of B)
  • Security Supervisor (previous grading of A)
  • Assets in Transit (SASSETA qualification)
  • National Key Point (SASSETA qualification)

Security Officer Training for Valuable Cargo Transit

Valuable cargo transit is a very dangerous environment. Whether you are transporting cash, gold or diamonds, there are risks involved. TSU International can help you manage that risk by training your security officers to improve your peace of mind.  The duration of the training is determined when your requirements have been evaluated.

Security Training

Security Training from Experienced TSU Instructors

Refresher Training Courses

Dog Handlers Course

Security companies that perform duties where dogs are involved can now have their training done with TSU. Top dog trainers with police experience will transform your dog and handler into a formidable crime fighting team:

  • Obedience
  • Bite on command
  • Tackles
  • Animal care

Contact TSU International today and invest in well trained security guards.

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South Africa Police Accredited by SASSETA SAQA recognised     Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa City and Guilds
Accredited by South African Police to conduct Competency Training and Testing in the use of handguns, shotgun, rifle and carbine. SAQA accredited training:
* Use of Handgun
* Use of Shotgun
* Use of Rifle
* Use of Carbine
SAQA accreditations:
* ETDP Assessor
* SASSETA Assessor
* SASSETA Education & Training Service Provider
PSIRA Number: (Private Security Regulation Authority of South Africa)
* 1052243
Accredited by City & Guilds, the benchmark for skills development